Welcome to Beeman Hollow Farm

After so many years of living the good life in Beeman Hollow, it’s about time I started to share some of the life and times of living in the hollow.

Both my husband and I grew up in big cities, but fell in love with the country about the time we were married more than 30 years ago.

It’s been quite an adventure here in Beeman Hollow where we raised our children to appreciate the country, hard work, farm animals, growing our own food, along with a health respect for the environment and smart conservation practices.

After our youngest son went in the Navy, we took a little time off from farm animals but found that it was pretty lonely on our 40 acres in the hollow without a reason to do chores in the morning.

After milking goats and raising pigs and sheep for many years we are ready to jump back in, not only for our sake but for our three little boys that are our grandchildren. After all, what’s a farm without farm animals.

Our family has been involved with history and historical activities and events for many years so after trying to decide what animals to get to sustain us for the years to come, we decided that we wanted to preserve heritage animals.

After much research, we have decided on raising a heritage breed Gloucestershire Old Spots, a historic pig breed that  sort of look like folk art – very round and spotted. The breed is on the critical list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, of which we are members. http://www.albc-usa.org.

Our first pigs were born last week at a farm in Kansas and we will be picking them up when they are weaned. By then we should have our new herd of goats and sheep. 

The best part of Beeman Hollow Farm is when kids get to come visit, especially kids that have never been on a farm. We have opportunities for kids to come spend some time at the farm and we will be sharing more about that as time goes on.

In the meantime, check back with us and see how the animals are doing. It’s already spring, we had about a dozen robins outside the window this morning — in the snow.

I started a blog a few years ago but never kept up with it… Brought back such good memories.. I wanted to include it here:


What’s is all about

I am so excited to start this blog and be able to write down all of the “fun” experiences on the farm and to share pics and updates on the animals that live here. Seems like it’s late at night when I can get to this so if stories sound a little weird, it’s just may be that I’m tired… or maybe they are just weird stories. A lot of interesting things happen here especially when the animals try to mutiny. Right now the Shetland sheep are all penned in their breeding groups… they don’t always like the group they’re in, I know this because they routinely try to get into another group. This usually happens when I am all dressed for work or late to a meeting and then I have to stop and catch up the escapees.
Our little farm consists of, at least today, 12 Shetland sheep, 2 Nubian does, a flock of laying hens, 3 horses, a stone deaf Old English sheepdog named Barney and a young hound named Susie that barks all night.
Of course, there are people here as well, to keep the animals company. There’s me Cheryl, my husband Yancy and my 16 year old son Travis. We have lived here since the 80’s. Our two older children are out on their own now but they don’t live very far away so we get to see them often. God is good to have allowed me to live out here in Beeman Hollow. It’s not too close to town but then again not too far once you get used to it.
I’ll share some pics on here another day, soon.

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