Beeman Hollow Farm

Raising natural, sustainable, chemical and antibiotic free food for our family and for our friends in the Missouri Ozarks. 


We are currently selling pigs and taking reservations for our CSA membership. Click here to see our PORK PRICING AND CSA info to get details on how you can get a basket of our succulent Old Spots pork and other goodies each month for 6 months in a row or if you just want to try it first you can order a sample pack. By the way, as we are committed to local food, we do not ship. 

Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs are friendly, funny, and floppy-eared, with a large, rounded body.  They are white in color and can be sparsely or liberally decorated with black spots. Their endearing, comforting appearance is romanticized in illustrations and folk art, and even on the “big screen”.  (Have you seen the well-endowed boar that appears in a recent movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”?)  A laid-back, multi-purpose pig supplying succulent bacon, pork, and vitamin-d rich lard, they are well suited to the small farm, especially those striving for “sustainable agriculture” systems, as they are hardy to outside climate extremes, do well on pasture, can eat virtually anything, and are excellent  breeders and mothers.  A mature boar can weigh over 600 pounds and a mature sow, over 500 pounds or larger depending on age and food intake. (From from GOSPBU website) 

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