Spring is around the corner??? Maybe.

The farm is shaping up and I’ve mostly been posting on our Facebook page. But, there is so much going on I think I’m going to go back to this blog.

Looking out at the wintry mix coming down really hard, it’s hard to believe that yesterday’s chores didn’t even require a jacket.

I am glad to announce that both of our Gloucestershire Old Spot gilts have been bred, so Lord willing, in 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days from two weeks ago we will have some little spotted baby piglets.

At that point we will be selling some breeding stock and making the rest into pork. We will also 1/2 and whole pork available as a CSA. I will post more information about what a CSA is in another post.

Our turkeys are also breeding, so we are hoping to have enough heritage turkeys in the fall for our own Thanksgiving and to raise a few for some others.

Until then, I’m not sure what happened to spring, but I think it didn’t get the memo. It’s going to be below zero tonight. Everything is fed outside and ready for bed. Inside, cooking up some heritage pork chops, organic potatoes and corn. Then relax and wait for spring.

Here is the link to our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/beemanhollowfarm



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