This little piggy went to market – with a little help from our friends

I’ve often stated  “It’s who you know that gets you where you want to go” and sometimes where you didn’t necessarily know you wanted to go.

When I noticed now retired Mother Earth News editor Cheryl Long sharing our Facebook post about our sow Abigail taking a walk with her new little piggies I was pleased to see it. I had met Cheryl when we exhibited our Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs at the Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka last fall.

So, it was nice to see that she saw our Beeman Hollow Farm Facebook post that day and took time to ‘like and share’.

But, it wasn’t until the next day when my phone started blowing up with notifications about people liking and sharing our page. It was then that I saw that Mother Earth News, with their two million plus Facebook fans, shared the same post on their Facebook page.

Beeman Hollow Farm sign

What a difference a day makes! I think I had about 518 fans on my page before that day. By that evening we surpassed 1000 likes on our page! It grew through the night and a couple hundred more trickled in.

I was going to do a shout out to our 1000th fan.. and maybe give them a voucher for some pork or something… however, they were from Romania and everything was in a foreign language on their page.

I began to look further and to my amazement there were tons of folks from all over the world that now were following Beeman Hollow Farm. They hailed from Cambodia, France, South Africa, Romania, Korea to name a few. Some, I noticed, were attending agriculture universities. Some, I couldn’t read the language, but still, they connected to Mother Earth News which connected to our little farm in the Ozarks in Beeman Hollow. It was all because of Mother Earth News being a friend and a fan (and vice-versa).

By the way, I so much wanted to go to the Mother Earth News Fair this past weekend in Belton, Texas.. but we decided that cleaning out the barn, separating pigs and taking hogs to the processor needed to be done more than going to the MEN Fair to learn about farming. 🙂







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