What are the chances of that? A scenario farm girls will appreciate.

We needed to separate the girls from the boys recently.. gilts from boars that is – that means girl pigs from boy pigs. Well, the strangest thing happened that I am still scratching my head about and I’m certain it wouldn’t happen again in a million years.

The weekend before, all the boys (human boys)  helped to get the gilts to a different area of the farm –  being they are more than 100 pounds for sure we grabbed them, wheel barrow style, and put them in the trailer to move them. Not an easy task.. it’s the stuff America’s Funniest Home Videos are made of. But, we got the mission accomplished. Things are easy when you have lots of help.

The next day I noticed that the we missed one..Ugh!  I’m not sure how that happened.. because it’s pretty obvious who is who from the backside  —  but nonetheless, we left one of the girls in there with all of the boys. I wondered how I was going to handle getting her out of there.. My husband and oldest son were watching football. I knew that a request to stop watching football to move a pig was futile. So, my lovely daughter-in-law and I took to the outside with the kids to pull some weeds, and just enjoy the sunshine. We still wondered if there was any chance that  gilt was going to get moved on this nice sunny day or have to wait for another day, probably when it was cold and wet,  when we had more people willing to help.

As we stood there taking videos of my 2-year-old grandson talking to the pigs and making pigs sounds, here comes a another pig just walking up to us. We quickly realized it was the gilt we needed to move. She must have gotten through the fence in the front pasture somehow and made her way to the girl club in the back pasture. We promptly opened the gate, coaxed by a little feed and easily led her in with the other girls.

Okay, so what are the chances that?

1. The gilft in question would be the only pig that gets through the fence.

2. That she would make her way all the way to the back pasture.

3. That we would happen to be standing there at the time.

I had just been thinking about whether we should be working so hard outside on a Sunday instead taking a day of rest or if it even mattered since it was so enjoyable… and not at all work – more like therapy – a reprieve from the corporate world. So, I figure that was my answer… a directive to not work so hard and go rest…. and let God do the work.

Isn’t that how we are a lot of time anyway?  Trying to do the work ourselves instead of letting God have the plow or the wheel. I’m reminded of what Jesus said in Matthew 11:28  “Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  (Not that I would ever have been so bold to ask God to go talk to that pig and tell her to sneak out of the pasture and come to the back of the property to reunite with her girlfriends – LOL ) But, that is just what happened and I am thankful… and amazed! 

My sister lives too far away from me in Virginia. When I tell her these stories she always tells me I should write a book. Well, maybe someday I will, but for now I plan to share a few stories off and on here.

We are just making memories here on the farm in Beeman Hollow.

Miracle pig

Miracle pi


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